Our Pastors

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Pastor Frank Hechavarria

Pastor Frank Hechavarria, a spiritual son of Apostle Guillermo Maldonado, gave total control of his life to God at the age of 18. As a full-time intercessor and pastor, he has made it his life-long commitment to transform a generation of people with the powerful life changing message of the Gospel by teaching them to walk in the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit. His goal is to lead an army of people into finding their identity in Christ, fulfilling their purpose and calling in God, and to leave a spiritual legacy for future generations.

Pastor Frank and his wife, Melina, are full-time pastors at King Jesus International Ministry; together with their children, Mathias and Laela, they reside in Miami, Florida.

Pastor Bryan Maldonado

Pastor Bryan Maldonado is the youth pastor for King Jesus Church in Broward. His great passion for the souls and his dedication to serve God and the body of Christ has led him to win the respect of his colleagues in the ministry.

The message he preaches is powerful, full of revelation in the Word, and the supernatural power of God backs up his ministry with healing, miracles, and deliverances—reasons why he has been invited to preach in various countries in Latin America and in diverse churches throughout the United States.

Pastor Bryan lives in Miami with his parents, Apostle Guillermo and Prophet Ana Maldonado, founders of King Jesus International Ministry, and his younger brother, Ronald.

Pastor Melina Hechavarria

Pastor Melina Hechavarria is a mighty woman of God. Her passion and audacity for our Lord has led her to her ultimate calling which is to teach His Word with the prophetic and apostolic mantle that is over her life. She is committed to unveiling the truth of God’s promises to hundreds of young men and women because she strongly believes that by touching the life of a youth today, we can radically transform the destiny of future generations. She is fulfilling her purpose and calling together with her husband Frank Hechavarria. Together, they are the youth pastors at El Rey Jesus International Ministry in Miami, Florida.

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