Milagros en Cedar Hill, Texas


Fotos del poder de Dios cayendo en la ciudad de Cedar Hill, Texas. Sanidad de problemas en los pulmones, personas se levantan de sillas de rueda, etc. Ver / Esconder completo

Photos courtesy of Rebekah Greenawalt

Had surgery in in the ankle and was unable to run or jump.

Young boy who was told by physicians that his legs would have to be cut off due to extremely low hemoglobin levels. After the power of God fell upon him, he was completely healed and was able to move around freely without difficulties.

Had her esophagus and stomach removed because they stopped functioning. A tube was inserted into her body from her throat to her colon in order to replicate the functions of the esophagus and stomach. Because of the immense pain she was unable to walk and was unable to lay down in order to sleep. When Apostle Maldonado called for someone that needed a new organ she believed God and received the creative miracle. She ran up to the altar and testifies that she is a “new creation” and that she believes she received new organs. She was able to walk out of the meeting without the need of a wheelchair or any assistance.

Had pulmonary Emphysema. A disease which can interfere with normal breathing. She would become fatigued and short of breath very quickly upon sudden movements. For 3 years she could not run and required help to walk up and down stairs and depended on two oxygen tanks to breath normally. On this night the power of God came over her and healed her completely. As evidence she ran up and down the stairs on the altar and did not feel fatigued or short of breath.

Had continuos bleeding and pus discharge in the gums for over 7 years. This went on for so long that her teeth were becoming loose and fragile, the doctors told her she was going to loose her teeth and had no hope. The power of God came over her and she testifies that, to the Glory of God, the bleeding stopped and her teeth became strengthened and firm.

Hungry for His presence.